How do I refund my New You 30 Day Challenge?




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    Robin Simpson

    Hello. I want to cancel and receive a refund!

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    i want a refund. too complex meal plan

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    Rene Mills

    I want a refund. Way too complex meal plan.

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    Way too complex.  39 page meal plan for just the first week.  That's ridiculous.  Nobody wants to spend their entire day doing this except fitness instructors. The average overweight person could not maintain such a complex plan.


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    Karen whiting

    I would like to request a refund please. The diet plan is not what I want expected. Thank you Karen

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    Julie Griffiths

    I would like refund for the 30 Day challenge, the diet is not for me and I am finding it difficult to find some of the items in spain.

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    Karen Bourgault

    I would like to request a refund for the 30 Day Challenge. The diet plan is not what I expected and is too complex. I also don’t like most of the food options and substituting almost everything defeats the purpose of having a grocery list and meal plan provided for this diet. 

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    Barbie Newhouse

    I would like a refund on the 30 day challenge!!! Way to complex!!!

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    Sue Calabresa

    I would like a refund on the 30 day challenge.

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    Kathy Cook

    I am requesting a refund for the 30 day challenge. It is to complex for me. This examples of food that need to be consumed on this diet should be made available for people to decide if they can accept the challenge. This is to cult like for me, very disappointed.

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