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Paying through Shopify

Shopify is our payment vendor for our Earth Echo Store store and Premium Coaching. At this time, Shopify can only process orders through these stores for delivery in the US. These stores allow you to purchase your favorite products all at once!. We'r

Paying through ClickBank

ClickBank is one of two payment vendors that we use and they handle all international transactions, program purchases, and subscription orders. All ClickBank sales pages are designed around one specific product (though multiple quantities may be offe

Not Receiving Emails

If you are having trouble receiving our emails or they've been delivered straight to your spam or junk folder, whitelisting will let the spam filter in your account know that our emails are safe and can go straight to your inbox. Sometimes replying t

Managing Your Subscription

Danette May offers a Premium Coaching membership that is available within a specified registration window each year. More information on Premium Coaching can be found here. You can also check out our other membership service, Fit Rise, through the Fi