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21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge

When will I receive the program materials?

All program materials will be delivered to you by email in 3 phases with 1 phase delivering before the start of each week. Each phase will make use of the same Meal Plan PDF and Journal PDF, but will include new workout, meditation, and manifestation

Can I repeat the 21 Day Attract your Soulmate Challenge?

All materials will be available for lifetime access. Just be sure to keep track of the emails or program links and you can revisit the exercises at any time!

Why does this meal plan have so many sweet snacks?

This meal plan is designed for you to clear out any mucus and internal cobwebs, and fully ignite your cells so you can become clearer, more focused, and more innately aligned with your spirit. If you have done other programs such as the 30 Day Challe

I don’t really like sweet foods. Are there other options I can choose from?

If you prefer to have savory meals and snacks and you’re a Fit Rise member, you can refer to your Fit Rise recipe library for more savory snack options!. We would suggest rotating through the following options: I AM Curious Curried Cauliflower Bites,

Will I lose weight during this challenge?

While this program wasn’t specifically designed for you to release weight, if that’s something you’re working on manifesting, you may find your ability to release weight to be easier. Every body reacts differently so it’s hard to predict an outcome f

Is it okay if I have 3 snacks in a day?

Sometimes when we think we’re hungry, we’re really just thirsty. Try to drink 8-16 ounces of water or a cup of tea before eating. However, this is not about deprivation so if you’re still hungry after you’ve drunk some water or tea you can have a sna