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21 Day Attract Your Soulmate ChallengeUpdated a year ago

The 21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge is a brand new program for men and women who want to call in their soul connection relationship. Danette May has used manifestation tools to rise up from rock bottom into the dream life she is living today and she wants to share those tools with others to help you instill a sense of deep self-love and energetically align yourself to call in the soul contract partnership of your dreams. 

Program Components

All program materials will be delivered to you by email in 3 phases with 1 phase delivering before the start of each week. Each phase will make use of the same Meal Plan PDF and Journal PDF, but will include new workout, meditation, and manifestation videos each week.

In addition, Danette will host two live zoom calls for all program challengers with replays available following the call. 

All materials will be available for lifetime access. Just be sure to keep track of the emails or program links and you can revisit the exercises at any time! 

Where to Buy

You can check out the challenge here 


I'm a Fit Rise 365 or Premium Coaching member. Do I get access to this challenge for free?

This challenge is not provided for free for Fit Rise 365 or Premium Coaching members, but we encourage you to sign up!

All Fit Rise 365 (and therefore all Premium Coaching) members get access to any new Fit Rise fixed-start-date challenges that are released during their membership. The 21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge, however, is actually a Danette May challenge. While Fit Rise, Danette May, and Earth Echo Foods all share the same parent company, Mindful Health, they are separate brands. Fit Rise focuses fairly evenly on all three pillars - Mindset, Movement, Foods - while the Danette May brand focuses more heavily on the mindset pillar as can be seen in the 21 Day Attract Your Soulmate Challenge as well as Danette May's Manifest Anything program. 

Why does this meal plan have so many sweet snacks? As a Fit Rise member, this meal plan seems to go against our basic guidelines of sticking to more savory meals than sweet. 

This meal plan is designed for you to clear out any mucus and internal cobwebs, and fully ignite your cells so you can become clearer, more focused, and more innately aligned with your spirit. As it’s a totally separate program which is focusing on your mindset, you won’t find the same nutritional guidelines with this one as you will in Fit Rise. 

I don’t really like sweet foods, are there other options I can choose from besides the hummus and veggies and the lunch/dinner options? 

If you prefer to have savory meals and snacks and you’re a Fit Rise member, you can refer to your Fit Rise recipe library for more savory snack options. We would suggest rotating through the following options: I AM Curious Curried Cauliflower Bites, I AM Ravishing SmoothieI AM Heart Centered Hard Boiled Eggs and Berries, I AM Astounding Rejuvenating Juice, or I AM Growing Garden Quinoa. If you’re not currently a member of our Fit Rise community and you’d like more savory snack options, click here to join.

Will I lose weight during this challenge? 

While this program wasn’t specifically designed for you to release weight, if that’s something you’re working on manifesting, you may find your ability to release weight to be easier. Every body reacts differently so it’s hard to predict an outcome for any particular individual. These are all clean and wholesome recipes, so if you’re not used to eating a healthy diet you could release some weight throughout this program.

The meal plan guide says to only have a drink for our afternoon snack. What if I’m hungry? Is it okay if I have 3 snacks in a day? 

Before we say yes we’d like to suggest, if you’re feeling hungry between meals, drink 8-16 ounces of water or a cup of tea before eating. Most of the time we think we’re hungry, we’re really just thirsty. This is not about deprivation so if you’re still hungry after you’ve drunk some water or tea you can have a snack.

Note: You’ll want to stick to no more than 6 small meals per day unless you participate in strenuous activity and are following a strict diet plan requiring more nutritional intake.

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